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reaking news out of aanapolis .... the state lawmaker who struck a plea deal on two criminal cases has without pay. democrat tiffany alltoo entered a lea deal yesterday. earlier this year she as foond guilty of using $800 in state money to pay an employee in her law firm. she alss pleaded no contest to using
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campaign money to pay wedding expenses baltimore mayor sttphanie rawlings blake speaks out today.. after citt prosecutors decide not to charge an officer suspected of helping to cover up the shooting of a child. ccild. keith daniels streaminn live at city hall story you saw first on fox.. ////////////////////keith/////// //////// jeff and jennifer.... mayor stephanie rawlings blake reminded us today.. that officer john ward is still on admiiistrative leave.. desppie tte city state's attorneyys office decissin to not charge him wiih any crime. ////////////////////vo////////// ////// 3&p rosecutors made the decision in august.. but after we called following up on the innestigation. in a statement.. prosecutorr say simply..ttere's insufficient against ward. the officer was under investigation following the march shooting &pdeath of 13-year-old monae turnage. ward, who's out the eastern district,,was suspended when policc found the gun that killed the girl in the ttunk of ward's
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personal car. prosecutors say he won'' facc criminall &pcharges.. and the mayor ///////////////////sot////////// //////// (mayor rawlings bbake) "i stand by what i saad before.... officer, thhught of the allegations.. itts hard to imaaine the ppin that that would cause that family. she pas beautiful, beautiful girl who lost her life tragically and senselessly." two young boys, ages 12 and 3.. admitted tt killing turnage. meanwhile, the mayor says a pollce investigation continues to determine if ward will face departmental ccarges. live fox 45 news at 5-30. in the wake of 2 gun incidents..... baltimore county has named a new school safett chief.... dale... row-en-zauhnn... position tuesday... he o the of stuuent support services. services.the move comes after
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a perry all high school &pstudent was shot in tte cafeteria on tte first ay of school.two weeks later,,a student brought a loaded gun to stemmers un middle school in essex. no one was hurt in that incident.the school system also plans to create a safety office. nationnide the number of meningitis outbreak has now reached 135... including a dozen deaths. deaths. here in maryllnn... there are 9 confirmed cases and ne officials say about 15-hundred marylanders may have been exposed to funggl meningitis through medication, used to treat bbck pain, was made by a massachusetts company and shipped to medical facilities in 23 states. thh rioles getting ready to battle the yankees oniiht. tonight. morgan adsit is live outside yankee stadium oo tte upcoming battll in the bronx.
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pot rollcue: bigger careee platform." 3
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the city is rallying behind the oraage and black.ppal gessler was at a pep rally morning... where fans ot in the spirit for tonight's big ga. game. councilman brandon scott:"we're gonna go up to new york tonight. we're gonna llng time since downtown een a workers could take a wednesday morning off...lestine ailey: chance in a long ttme. and, i & emember last time we were sitting here, and i watched every bit of those playoff again--this is unchartered - territooy for most.kenny williams: "it's back to the oriole magic."cindy moll: "we wanna root on tte o's and let 'em feel the love.."the orioles have given the city a reason to root, root, roottfor thh road team.brian redding: "they're playing theenew yorkk yankees, of course, and you &pknow we have no good ffelings for them. they like to whoop on us liie we like toowhoop on yynkees and they suck."ing the it'' nee york, we don't like it!"the birds have flown up &pmayor stephanie he line.thei
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season on foo the week with stephanne rawlings-blake: yor "what this day is about is pending a message up 95 to our players to llt them know that we are behind them aal the prioles."baltimore nites for bailey: "they are kicking butt aad taking names, that's phat they're doing."(crowd ccanting) "....-e-s, orioles!" cindy moll: "in baltimoree we teams."high abovee he rowd, the orioll bird flies with the mayoo to unviel message for the "oh, yes, it ps baby! oriole magic, baby! look at it!"counciiman brandon the culture of our toww. ritzy, they're not shiny. they're gritty guys. thee play &phaad. they play together." someone tellssthem theyycan't win, i thiik theyyre gonnaado evvrything they can to winn" paal gessser, reporter: "the orioles bbrred hhough 1,000 haas and 1,000 decals before the pep rally even started. they just hope this orange fever lasts through the weekend and into the league from city hall, ies. reporting - paul gessler, fox45 news at
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5:30." the public is about tt get a lot more access toopresident launching a mobile app today the presideet's public &pwill includeeexecutive orders presidential speeches, and approved acts. tteeddbate over same-sex marriage haa ade its way onto &pphe airwaaes. with less thhn a month efore the election -- both sides are releasing ads. melinda roeder is here to explaan the campaign voterr. all the polls on this issue ssow thh ace should be very close.question 6 is one oo pitting clergy and politicians against one another. and in the final month - there is most definitely a push to gee the message ut... reggrding gay marriage in like this one featuring ng ads baatimore city councilman bill
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cole - a catholic ho supports same sx marriagg.those just now lauuching their own campaign commercials - that they claim focus on the valles and benefits of traditionna marriiae. < "it's a fundamentaa commercial ttat talks about the niqqeness of marriage and we just on't need to redefine marriage..> similar campaign stategies - but very different opinionn.if marrrage... we would be the first state to do so... at the polls.referenddms in support of gay marriage - have faiied in 32 other states.melinda roeder - fox 45 ews at 5. the issses of same sex marriage will be the topic of the next fox455town hall... live y goinggto fox baltimore
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dot com nd clicking on town hall in our hot topics section. yyu can go there now to watch act.s and the maryland dream 3&ii was a mad dash to the register this morning at the shoprite in timonium. "whoopp, got the wrong size." size." the store hostee a sspermarket sweep to benefit the marylaan fooo bbnk.contestants had 4 aisles.. filling their carts - with as much as they could carry.but with every compeeition there's a level of strategy.... and grocery shopping is no exception. "these connestants came prepared, ttey did their homework, they had their lists of what aisles to hit,,they &phad their coupons cut, they going, but when they hit the area they wanted to hit- it pas armfuls." armfuls."all contestants got carts .... and the winner peceived a shoprite gift card for 2500dollars.the store also agreed to match the conteets benefit the maryland food bank.
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how arr the roads looking tooig? tonight?brandi proctor haa our traffic edge report. report. mapfiber 695 @14083 @shawanmap395 3 a waaning from a real estate mmgul in florida...
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the occupational careers thaa he says depaned on the election... pool parties... with an swim with what an be an extremely dangerous wild animal. 3 p-adblib weather tz-- what makes the sleep number store different?
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we have so much technology in our store to really show the customers what's going on with their bodies. now you can feel what happens as we raise your sleep number setting and allow the bed to contour to your individual shape. oh, wow. that feels really good. during our sleep number innovation event, save up to $600 on our most innovative bed sets, plus 18-month financing on all bed sets, but only through sunday. exclusively at a sleep number store, where queen mattresses start at just $699.
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as a pastor, my support for question 6 is rooted in my belief that the government should treat everyone equally. i would not want someone denying my rights based upon their religious views, therefore i should not deny others based upon mine. it's about fairness. this law does not force any church to perform a same sex marriage if it's against their beliefs. and that's what this is about. protecting religious freedom and protecting all marylanders equally under the law. join me in voting for question 6. ... florida... real estate mogul ... threatening... his workers ... with... mass-layoffs.../ president obama... be... re- eeected. billionaire... david siegel... -& &pthousand employees, .../ saying... if... they ávoteá for
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it... ácouldá... pose a risk tt their jobs...///ccitics... call... it... voter intimidation.../.but ... p siegel saas... he just wants... his workers to be informed.../. the... thousands... in... - the reeession..../ &p"we're not going to fire anybody, or layofffanybody as a resulttof who hey vote forr or who they lean towards. i want them to knoo what thh puture holds for them and their families." pamiliee." 3 siegel also says ...if it comes down to layoffss.../ both republicanssand democrats.. next time you go to theebeach don't forget to bring yoor radi. puts... this .. - &pwaterproof.... boom--box...../ to... the deal... or dud est. 3& &pstaying fit in the pool is a year- rounddaffair at the druid hill famiiy center.'s almost time for
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class and some music would be about thht radio ggtting wet. - wet.((sot)) 13:08:33:25 - start doing your squats - standd in ater... wwter... ((sot)) 13:09:21:25- t is waterproof- 13:09:24:15but does it float? float? ((sot)) 12:58:20:03- it floats really nicely- 12:58::0:24an added bonus? storage space. compartment is large enougg that you can put yourrphone dud?other things.- 13:09::8:0223 ((sot)) 13:12:04401 i say it 13:11:03:05the eco terra wwterproof boombox. ...retails for about 140- dollars. for mmre information... log on to newslinks.... e dot com slashh paarice sanders fox455news at 5:30. 3 a... local man ... is... maaing national stage..../david correy ... is... a... standout... n the... fox show... "the x facto" factor."david sings: girl when
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i see your face.. theres not a thing i would change &pthe 26 year ld marylandd resident... impressed the judges... when singing... "just the way youu are"... by bbuno ars....// david drrve 13 hours... through thunderstorms... to get to his audition in greensboro north carolinn...//. pt paid offf.. because ...he was sent through to thh next round....//davii tells us... he was actually debating whether he should try for the shot at fame. "davii says -doing tv reality shows for me, i was always wanted tootarniih what people thought of me, oh that's not respectable, i was always really cautious bout that." that."you caa see avid and at 8-pm here on fox 45. 3 a college mmrchinn band puts on quite a isplay during halffime.the homage ppid to the kid in all of us... coming
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up. &p3
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first alligator pool parries... now átigerá pool parties??in florida.. 2- phance to swim withhtiger cubs.'s a hot trend right now among childrenss birthhay parties.tiggrs like 'tony' here....can have full contact &pwith visitors until they reac 25 poundd. "it's abbut 30 minntes ann what you get to do is come out and play with the tigee cub. running around. sometimes, .. - hh'll take his bottle so you get to feed hii. and,,you actually get tt get in tte water with him." swimmer innthis busy pool... there's also allie the plligatoo- who hosss her own
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pool parties. gator swims at the zoo cost 1-hundred dollars for 20 minutes. --- react to stoor -- the sun is finally back york for tonight's game??? 3 3
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33 3 3 3 p
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after a night ff to catch their breath, tte orioles get back at it tonight, takingon the yankees in game three of the americannleague divisioo series....t's gonna be a night night at yankee stadiim, and that's where our ownmmrgann adsit is live via satellite... morgan?rollcue to sot 3...o's know they belong""- 3 3 3 3 3
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3 3 3 game three highlights..morgan live from he bronnand we'll hear from the raaens as well.. that's oniggt at 10:50 and &p --toss to emily-- emily-- 3 3
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a major college's a major collegg's bbnd pays hommage o gaming systems... and it'sssomething o behold. behold.nats of band...the (2:42-2:55) 2:55) this is the halftimm show peformance of the ohio state unnversity marching band... iicluded, haao, pokemoo, theme demonstratton of a horse... d 3
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"zelda"the video has been uploaded to youtube... and has since gone viral. that'ssall for fox45 news at 5:30."family feud" is next. nexx.and we'll be back tonight &ppor fox45 news attten -- and &pthe late edition at 11... 11...
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